Multimedia Interactive Classroom

SpaceMed has the equipment and ability to supply a world class distance learning platform to schools, colleges, universities and any other educational institution that requires this service. 
SpaceMed has integrated as well as stand-alone software and hardware to fulfill this need. We develop hardware and software solutions to fulfill our clients specific needs. All solutions are scalable and can be used by virtually unlimited participants. Our solutions can also be integrated with most, if not all of the customers’ existing systems. We customize our solutions to suite our customers’ needs. SpaceMed provides turn key solutions that includes hardware, software, Video Conferencing, streaming and Broadcasting and an online repository for lessons and teaching material. SpaceMed’s integrated system is a cost effective, easy to use and completely mobile which allows delivery of educational content to any area in the world. The system is easy to deploy and expand and because of it’s user friendly platform, training cost is kept to the minimum

Digital AIO Touch Screen PC and Whiteboard

SpaceMed’s Digital AIO Touch Screen PC and Whiteboard is available in 55”, 65”, 75” and 85”. With an incredible 4K resolution it provides crystal clear picture quality at 60Hz and 120Hz. The touch control lets users change pages and enlarge or move objects, while the touch pen lets them make annotations, keep track of proposals and maintain the focus of discussions. The built in dual operating system allows users to utilize two of the most popular operating systems in the world.

Multiscreen Solution

SpaceMed's Multiscreen Solution allows the classroom to become fully interactive. Teachers will be able to monitor student progression through lessons as well as assign specific activities of tests to students. Students are also able to broadcast their work wirelessly to the AIO screen.

Multimedia Mobile Case

Our Multimedia Mobile Case (MMC) was initially developed to assist doctors working in remote locations offering emergency care, disaster response and outreach training programs. The feedback we received highlighted the need for a rugged mobile solution, less specific to Medicine but still robust enough for other professionals. The Mobile Multimedia Case is an affordable and reliable solution for presenting, training and enabling meetings where no existing infrastructure is available.

Broadcasting and Streaming

The SpaceMed Broadcasting & Streaming solution is configured to broadcast locally in the classroom via a build in Wi-Fi network as well as via satellite, GSM or optic fiber to remote classrooms or individual users. The broadcasting unit records and uploads the entire class onto the cloud server or the teacher could stream the entire class onto the students device, via local Wi-Fi, for offline viewing. The platform is further configured to be device agnostic and classes can be remotely viewed from phones, pads, laptops or PC’s. The platform allows for two-way interaction with multiple users. The Platform further allows for various file and video formats to be uploaded and to be broadcast without additional software requirements.

Video Conferencing with Whiteboard

SpaceMed offers video conferencing solutions for small to large corporations, medical and educational institutions and personnel as well as for private use. With bandwidth-conscious software, our video and whiteboard solutions cater for GPRS connection speeds and more. SpaceMed technology requires no special equipment. All you need is a camera and audio devices suitable for the intended use; you can connect to your computer, smart phone or tablet.

School and Content Management

SpaceMed’s School Management solution allows school to be monitored on a multi-level system (cities, districts, schools, grades and classrooms). Principals and district inspections can be carried out remotely. Data is collected on all levels and can be used to improve performance at a National level.

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