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SpaceMed is a South African based, international solutions and technology provider for Medical Imaging, Teleradiology, Telemedicine, e-Learning platforms, Data Compression, Video Conferencing and CCTV with a highly skilled technical development team that delivers state of the art hardware and software solutions. SpaceMed further provides a comprehensive range of equipment and support operating from the core of their unique software solutions.
The products include the following:

  • Medical and surgical products and equipment
  • Telemedicine medical equipment (Millensys – Egypt)
  • Teleradiology – reporting services
  • Hosting and storage – radiology service
  • Telehealth (Hopy Medical – France)
  • Health informatics
  • Homecare services
  • Medical device sales and rental
  • EMS Management
  • Education Smart Schools platform
  • Schools Management software
  • Video conferencing
  • Broadcasting software and multimedia portable Case
  • Security software and CCTV cameras Solution
  • Energy solutions Solar concentration true ENEA (Italian Parastate)
  • Video voice and Data compression in constant bandwidth and in fix Bitrate21


Depending on your individual needs, Spacemed will supply you with high quality furniture and peripherals. We also design ward and doctors’ carts to best contain peripherals for mobility. Cords, leads, probes, cameras and other such items are integrated or mounted so as not to be in the way, be damaged or cause a trip or fall. Spacemed is a Medical IT Solution Provider for Medical imaging, Teleradiology and Telemedicine that is committed to customer satisfaction and maintaining high quality standards in South Africa. Along with its partners, Spacemed provides advanced and sophisticated Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS), and Radiological Information Systems (RIS), using the most modern industry standards including DICOM and HL7 along with FDA, CE, IHE accreditations.


Technology has become an increasingly critical factor in providing excellent education services. SpaceMed developed a digital teaching and e-learning platform and relative hardware, as a result, all the schools have access to equal and quality learning content anytime, anywhere. This facilitates and provide infrastructure, human resources and information technology to all schools, colleges, universities, other training facilities, business, parents, teachers and administrators.

Data Compression

NIF is an innovative software solution which allows users to optimize and manage the delivery of multimedia contents over heterogeneous networks. A perfect mix between state of art technology and a suite of custom and innovative algorithms allows NIF to go beyond the standard performance overcoming limits of classic systems. It allows for applications and solutions that are not possible with standard techniques and technology due to its superior fine-tuned compression and heavy enhanced transport stream management. NIF is highly adaptable and allows end-users to work with any kind of data sources as input sources: Analog camera, Digital camera, Digital stream, Audio/Video files, Desktop, Text files as T2S or S2T sources, amongst others.

Video Conferencing

Today, organizations are aware of the benefits that a solution for remote meetings would provide. For many leaders, videoconferencing is synonymous with big investment. Managers of information systems meanwhile, anticipate the complexity of networks and deployment, together with the costs of administration and maintenance. Decision makers are therefore faced with a difficult choice: focus on quality or cost control. This issue reflects the current market, ranging from the hardware solutions room, which are often expensive and web conferencing solutions that are flexible but not qualitative. If you are serious about video conferencing, you should consider SpaceMed and take full advantage of the vision that drives us: low investment, qualitative communications and intensive use for efficient video conferencing at low bandwidth. 


SpaceMed develops and markets unique computerised vision and image processing systems and tools for real-time video processing and streaming at low bandwidth. The company’s core technology is automatic segmentation, extraction and the analysis of moving objects in video sequences. Currently there is no similar commercial solution in the digital video market. Among the many uses and applications for automatic objects segmentation, extraction and analysis are: video surveillance and remote securing systems, video compression and streaming over mobile networks, interactive TV (hyperlinked video) and satellite control systems. The company developed a number of break- through technologies in the security domain. SpaceMed video surveillance technology enables the conversion of low- and high-end CCTV cameras, allowing them to become “smart”. This is done by incorporating human vision capabilities into the back-end of the cameras.


JH Group, headed by Jens Heimberg, has a diverse portfolio of businesses that range from hotels in Mthatha to an abalone farm situated on the West Coast. The hub of the JH Group is based in East London where the main administrative offices are situated. The properties and businesses are however spread throughout the Eastern and Western Cape of South Africa. Over the past 30 years, JH Group has gained expertise in a wide variety of businesses and currently employs over 700 people.

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